I am a Senior Consultant Psychologist and Senior Gender Specialist, a BPS Chartered Counselling Psychologist, an HCPC Registered Doctor of Counselling Psychology, Practitioner Psychologist and Counselling Psychologist. I am registered on the British Psychological Society Register of Gender Diversity Specialists, as a recognised expert in the field.  I am an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, a professional member of the British Association of Gender Specialists (BAGIS), the World Professional Association of Transgender Health (WPATH) and the European Association of Transgender Health (EPATH). I am on the HM Government Gender Recognition Panel’s list of specialists in the field of gender dysphoria, able to provide specialist reports for applications for legal gender recognition. I am professionally qualified for remote working, a certified Cyber Therapist and  a Practitioner Member of The Person-Centred Association (TPCA). I am a CIMSPA (The Chartered Institute for the Management of Sport and Physical Activity) registered Personal Trainer Practitioner and a vegan fitness and wellbeing professional.  I am neurodiversity affirming, clinically accredited and licensed in diagnostic assessment of autism informed by clinical interview, pre-assessment questionnaires and measures  such as ADOS-2R, 3di and the more recent MIGDAS-2. 


As well as being a Senior Gender Specialist, I  have worked in the NHS, social services and the third sector, in services for a range of clients including families (eg: Family Service Unit Medical Counselling Psychologist), people with severe mental health issues, services for people with learning and physical disabilities, older people's services, with neurodivergent individuals and in the late 80s/early 90s as a Terrence Higgins Trust volunteer (4 years). I have long-standing specialist interests in gender diversity, autism and ageing. I have been a Senior Research Fellow and Senior Grade Lecturer, lecturing, teaching and researching at leading institutions. I have been widely published in peer reviewed journals, books, national and international professional conferences. Some of my background at various universities and institutions can also be seen in my extensive publication record on my website, dating back to my undergraduate days (LSE: BSc (Hons) Social Psychology), which has always been useful in bringing a wider community and social context to my work. I have been an author to multiple key professional clinical guidelines in relation to gender and sexualities and continue to be on expert professional working parties in the field. I was Head of Psychology/Lead Consultant Psychologist at Charing Cross Gender Identity Clinic for over 15 years, where I set up and developed the psychology service and training programme. I have worked in gender and provided independent clinical care and training for over 30 years. I now work full time in the independent sector, but work closely still with my NHS colleagues and am committed to delivering high quality care in the private sector. I was on the GenderCare network of independent clinicians website for some years and although I have now removed my details from there, I continue to have good mutual professional referral relationships with my Gender Specialist colleagues in the network.

If you think that you may be too old to make the changes you really want to in your life, then perhaps reflect further. I have a long-standing interest in Ageing Well (including 10 years as a senior grade lecturer and senior research fellow in ageing at The Royal Free & UCL Medical School). I am particularly interested in the specific needs of  clients over the age of 30. You are encouraged to contact us, if you are in that age group and would like to discuss your particular needs and requirements for appointments. I support adult clients in reaching their potential, goals and achieving a more authentic life at any age. You’re never too old to be living as you!

I take a holistic approach to promoting overall wellbeing and people achieving their goals and potential and have a passion for fitness, exercise, physical training and healthy nutrition. In addition to my clinical services  I run DPL Fitness and Wellbeing, a cutting edge premium online fitness and wellbeing service to better support my clients in living their best lives. My client fitness and wellbeing training and programmes are informed by my expertise and experience as a senior consultant psychologist, as well as being an accredited qualified personal trainer, online coach and exercise and fitness professional. I support the inclusivity and comfort of all in  exercise and fitness spaces and am a nonbinary member of IATBP (they/them). 

Insurance Providers:

I have been registered and approved by the following insurance providers: Aviva, Cigna, Axa PP HealthCare and Bupa. Clients seeking their treatment to be covered by insurance need to check their coverage with their insurer for the type of appointment  and cost, before booking an appointment.

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