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Thank you for your enquiry regarding an appointment in Dr Lenihan’s clinic. We appreciate you contacting us and that making an appointment can feel difficult. Please ensure that you have read through the information on Dr Lenihan’s website so that you know how their practice works, appointment availability and fees. 


Please note that Dr Lenihan’s services are not appropriate for clients who have severe unmanaged mental health issues and/or have recently deliberately self harmed or attempted suicide, as they are remote and not part of NHS services. If you have had psychiatric treatment or hospitalization, or are currently under the care of your local CMHT, then you are advised to book your assessment with a Consultant Psychiatrist, rather than Dr Lenihan as a Consultant Psychologist. Please be aware that as part of good professional practice, further MDT discussion or opinions may be arranged for any type of diagnostic/ referral assessment or review.


If you would like to proceed with your booking enquiry, we would be grateful if you could complete the enquiry form, so your details can be added to our practice management system.

We will need a copy of your ID to be able to confirm your appointment, which you should send us via email.


We look forward to hearing from you. 

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