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Our range of services is designed to support individuals in achieving psychological and physical wellbeing through a holistic and individualized approach. It is important to note that all our services are now offered remotely, allowing for convenient access and flexibility. Please be advised that we can only provide services to clients located in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

At our practice, we believe in fostering an equal and professional partnership with our clients. Our focus is on empowering individuals of all genders to make informed decisions and choices that align with their unique needs and goals.

We prioritize your privacy and adhere to a strict privacy policy. By contacting us or registering for any of our services, you acknowledge your agreement with our privacy policy, which relates to the confidentiality of your personal information. We do not record sessions and recording is prohibited at any time.

For referrals related to gender-affirming care, we maintain strong professional relationships with our esteemed colleagues in the GenderCare network, including endocrine service providers, as well as other reputable and experienced gender professionals throughout the UK. If you would like to discuss our referral relationship with a specific clinician or service, please don't hesitate to inquire.

DPL Psychology services are for over 18s only and those aged over 30 are particularly encouraged to contact us. We are dedicated to supporting adult clients in their journey towards personal growth, fulfillment, wellbeing and achieving a more authentic life at any age.

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Gender Assessment

£450 (90 minutes)

This can include diagnostic assessment, gender identity and expression exploration and where appropriate review for referral for endocrine treatment or surgeries. Referral for medical interventions may also need a 30 minute linked review appointment depending on individual circumstances (within 4 weeks of initial appointment-no additional cost). Report (and where agreed referral letter) included.

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Professional Supervision

£250 (45 minutes)

Supervision is provided to psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors and other Gender Specialists. All supervision slots need to be booked in advance and are subject to availability at time of booking.

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Review Appointments

£250 (45 minutes)

These are for existing clients (previously assessed in my clinic) who want a general review or a review with referral for gender affirming hormone treatment or surgeries. Report (and where agreed referral letter) included.

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1:1 Counselling Sessions

£150 (30 minutes)

These can be around a diverse range of issues, for example but not exclusively; minority stress, gender and gender identity, transitioning, living authentically in the world, sexuality, autism, general anxiety, social anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationships, family and significant others, loss, ageing, lifestyle and major life changes. All counselling slots need to be booked in advance and are subject to availability at time of booking. No reports or referrals. DPL clients on assessment and review care pathways can book in 30 minute consultation only appointments at counselling rate (no report or referrals) after assessment and between standard review appointments. Clients who have had past counselling in our service can also book 30 minute counselling appointments ad hoc. We would like all our clients to feel they can access support in our service as and when they need it.

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Autism Assessment


This is a comprehensive Autism diagnostic assessment for adults. It includes remote (video) clinical interview, application and analysis of diagnostic questionnaires and clinical measures and a detailed diagnostic report with recommendations. Clients should allow around 3 hours for the clinical appointment. Report included.

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