Services and Fees

Please see below for the range of services offered. These take a holistic individualized approach promoting psychological and physical wellbeing. All services are now remote. Please be aware that clients must be in the UK or Republic of Ireland for all remote appointments, The focus in my services is on facilitating clients of all genders in making decisions and choices in an equal professional partnership. In contacting us and/or registering for any service, you confirm that you are agreeing to our privacy policy and that you have read this. For gender related referrals, we have good professional mutual referral relationships with our Gender Specialist colleagues in the GenderCare network (including endocrine service providers) and other reputable experienced gender professionals across the UK. Please feel free to enquire if you wish to check our referral relationship with any specific clinician. I am an adult practitioner, so do not provide services to under 18s


Therapy Sessions

£150 insurer funded/ £120 self funded (45 minutes- 1:1 or relationship)/ £600 block of 6 sessions self-funded. 


These can be around a diverse range of issues, for example but not exclusively; minority stress, gender and gender identity, transitioning, living authentically in the world, sexuality, autism, general anxiety, social anxiety, depression, self-esteem, relationships, family and significant others, loss, ageing, lifestyle and major life changes. Please note that if you are seen for counselling/psychotherapy and would later like a gender assessment and any referrals, that this needs to be arranged with a different clinician. Therapeutic approaches include ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy), Person-centred and Systemic. 

Please contact for availability. 

Follow Up Reviews

£250  insurer-funded/ £180 self-funded

(45 minutes)

These are for clients who have previously had initial autism or gender assessments in my clinic and include a report (and where relevant any referrals). 

Next available slots: October/November 2022.

Autism Assessments

£1200 insurer funded/ £950 self funded

Fee includes report, pre-session questionnaires and remote clinic assessment informed by clinical interview, administration and analysis of measures considered gold standard such as 3di, ADOS 2-R and soon to be incorporated the more recent MIGDAS-2. 


Next available slots: February 2023.

 Gender Assessments

£450 insurer funded/ £360 self funded

(75 minutes)

Assessment appointments may be sought for client's own understanding and exploration of their gender, for specific referrals for endocrine treatment or gender related surgeries, or to support a legal gender recognition application. Existing clients seeking legal gender recognition can submit reports to date with their application. Please note that if you are seen for a gender assessment and later would like counselling, that the counselling needs to be arranged with a different clinician. 

Next available slots: February 2023.

Fitness and Wellbeing 

Online personal training, nutrition, habit and lifestyle coaching using a comprehensive personalised holistic training program and state of the art software. DPL Fitness and Wellbeing clients have access to cutting edge technology available through their phone and other devices taking their DPL Fitness and Wellbeing programs with them wherever they go. Click below to see currently available DPL Fitness and Wellbeing packages.

Professional Supervision

£250 employer funded/£180 self funded (45 minutes)

Supervision is provided to psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, counsellors and other Gender Specialists. 

Please contact for availability.





Please be aware that if you have severe unmanaged mental health issues, are currently or have recently deliberately self-harmed or attempted suicide, that my services are not appropriate for you, as they are remote and not part of NHS services.


Payment is via Bank Transfer. For all  services full payment is made in advance. For gender assessments a £50 nonrefundable deposit can be paid to reserve the appointment up until a month in advance, at which time full payment is due. For autism assessments a £150 nonrefundable deposit can be paid in advance to reserve the appointment up until a month in advance, at which time full payment is due. Payment can be refunded if an appointment is cancelled in advance, minus the non-refundable deposit. Appointments can be rescheduled at no cost with a minimum of 24 hours notice, otherwise it will be treated as a cancellation and a new deposit due. Payments for DPL Fitness and Wellbeing Programs are nonrefundable, as they are not taken until the service starts.

I have been registered and approved by the following insurance providers:

PP HealthCare

Clients seeking their consultations to be covered by insurance need to check their coverage with their insurer for the type of appointment and cost before booking an appointment, and claim fees back from their insurer (BUPA clients excepted, who need to provide their membership number, authorisation number and number of authorised consultations for direct invoicing of BUPA).

Therapy Session